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Impetigo, a bacterial skin infection, primarily affects children but can also affect adults. It is contagious, which means that the infection can be transmitted through touch. Although it commonly appears on the face, it can spread to other parts of the body. The underlying cause is bacterial, which means that antibiotics are commonly used to treat.

At Puri Pharmacy, we offer FREE consultations and provide prescription-only medicine treatment through the Pharmacy First Service. 

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Types of Impetigo

There are two different types:

• Non-bullous impetigo
• Bullous impetigo.

Non-bullous impetigo

This infection commonly occurs, and it becomes evident when you notice the rash 4 to 10 days after bacterial infection. Typically, it appears on the nose and around the mouth, although it can manifest on any skin area. Impetigo begins small; however, due to its contagious nature, touching can transmit it, leading to its spread throughout the body.

In the initial stages, small fluid-filled blisters develop on the skin, eventually bursting and leaving behind red sores and scabby patches. Moist, golden crusts adhere to the skin. Additionally, you might observe redness under each patch. If there is no crust, the affected area will be red and inflamed.


Bullous impetigo

This usually looks like large blisters on the skin, affecting all parts of the body. 

Furthermore, the skin on the top of these blisters can peel off, leaving large red raw areas underneath, which can be painful and uncomfortable.

Impetigo treatment in Southall and Hillingdon

At Puri Pharmacy, we specialise in treating non-bullous impetigo for adults and children aged 1 year and over. 

Given that it is caused by a bacterial infection, our team is trained to provide prescription-only medicines.

We will refer you to a GP if:

  1. You have bullous impetigo.
  2. Experience recurrent impetigo (defined as 2 or more episodes in the same year).
  3. Are pregnant.
  4. Are under 16 years of age.

These criteria ensure that you receive the most appropriate and comprehensive care tailored to your specific situation.

Think Pharmacy First

As part of the Pharmacy First service, we can advise on symptoms, provide treatment, or refer where appropriate; furthermore, the service is FREE, and our team are experts in giving advice and treatment. We specialise in treating non-bullous impetigo for adults and children aged 1 year and over.

Moreover, if you require medicines, we are able to provide prescription-only antibiotics to help treat the infection. 

Our goal is to ensure that you receive comprehensive care and guidance for your specific needs.

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