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Experts in earwax microsuction: The Southall and Hillingdon clinic

At Puri Pharmacy we offer innovative microsuction earwax removal. This is a procedure where earwax is removed from the ear under a microscope or magnifying glasses, also known as loupes. Our staff use the microscope to directly look inside the ear and then gently remove the wax via suction with a low pressure machine. Our experts who offer the service will guide you throughout the process and show you the before and after of your ears. 

How does microsuction work?

Microsuction earwax removal usually takes between 15 to 30 minutes to perform. The length of the procedure can depend on the amount and type of of ear wax, how deep the ear wax is inside the ear, and whether you are having one or both ears treated. Our pharmacist will use a bright light and ear tip (speculum) inserted into your ear to look inside. We may also use recording devices so we can show you the before and after of the procedure. 

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The benefits of our Southall and Hillingdon earwax microsuction service

  1. No more pain: Our procedure immediately provides relief from the discomfort caused by earwax buildup.
  2. Safety:  Our Pharmacists are trained to the highest level and are experts in their field. We use the latest and innovative technology to gently and safely remove your earwax whilst making your stay with us as comfortable as possible. 
  3. Comfort: Microsuction is a gentle procedure and we create an environment for you that is relaxing and stress free. We talk you through the whole procedure and make your experience with us the best.
  4. Improve your hearing: Once the wax is removed, your hearing should be improved straight away. We can direct you to hearing tests you can do online.

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