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Shingles is a painful rash caused by an infection of a nerve underneath the skin with the varicella-zoster virus. It causes a painful, blistering rash which is usually in just one part of the body. Shingles can cause pain and discomfort. The pain may be a constant, dull or burning sensation and its intensity can vary from mild to severe.

At Puri Pharmacy, we are trained in recognising signs and symptoms of shingles and we can help in the treatment of it.
You do not need a doctors appointment, and you can simply walk into either branch. 

Symptoms of Shingles

Shingles usually presents with pain and a rash.

While it’s rare, shingles can lead to a more widespread infection or affect both sides of the body, particularly in individuals with a weakened immune system.

As shingles can affect the nerves, commonly affected areas where the rash and pain can occur are the chest, abdomen, and upper face, including an eye.



Typically 2-3 days after the symptoms of pain, the shingles rash initially appears as red blotches that turn into itchy fluid-filled blisters. 

The outbreak of new blisters can extend for up to a week. There may also be some swelling around the area. 

As the blisters dry up, scabs form and some scarring may remain after the rash clears up.


Most people with shingles experience a localised band of pain in the affected area. 

The pain may be a constant, dull or burning sensation and its intensity can vary from mild to severe.

You may have sharp stabbing pains from time to time, and the affected area of skin will usually be tender.

Think Pharmacy First

Pharmacy First allows patients to access FREE advice and treatment for shingles adult patients at Puri Pharmacy in Southall and Hillingdon.

You do not need a Doctors appointment and you can simply walk into either of our branches. 

If you are a pregnant woman, we will refer you to your GP.

Treating Shingles

Our Pharmacist may offer you antiviral tablets to help speed up your recovery from shingles if:

  • you have a weak immune system
  • your pain or your rash is moderate or severe
  • the rash is affecting other areas of your body apart from your chest, tummy and back

Treatment is best taken within 3 days of your rash first appearing. If you have any pain, we can also suggest and recommend treatments in the Pharmacy

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