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Specialist Sports Pharmacy Services

We offer a Specialist Sports Pharmacy service at Puri Pharmacy. This service is based at our Southall branch, however we offer remote clinic appointments and we can even travel to you. 

Our specialist Pharmacist has an international postgraduate on drugs in sport from the International Olympic Committee Medical & Scientific Commission. We are experts on:

  • Clinical use of drugs in sport for injury and illness
  • Prevention of misuse and abuse of drugs in sport
  • Safe, evidence based supplement use
  • Promoting the health of athletes through effective medicines use

How can we support you?

We help support athletes maximise their potential and support them in adhering to the strict regulations in their respective sports. Our specialist sports pharmacy service is tailored to your needs. 

We are are specifically trained to recognise and avoid you taking illegal prescriptions, recommend appropriate over-the-counter medications, and discuss the risks associated with nutritional supplements or nutritional products.

Supplements and Vitamins

Our team at Puri Pharmacy can help you understand more about Supplements and Vitamins. Our specialist sports pharmacy service can help give you the extra edge and support your general health. 

Supplements are products that have the potential to support your body before, during or after workouts. They can help:

  • Meet nutritional needs, e.g. protein
  • Improve nutrient deficiencies
  • Enhance athletic performance
  • Fulfil personal fitness goals

They should be used as an addition to your diet, rather than an alternative to a balanced health diet. 

As an athlete, your goals will likely differ depending on the sport you are in.

At Puri Pharmacy we can help support you by guiding you through the many different types of supplements for sports nutrition.


Southall Football Club

We are proud to work closely Southall Football Club. 

Puri Pharmacy are the proud official Healthcare Sponsor for the club. Our work involves supporting the athletes and working closely with Southall Football Club in supporting the community of Southall through a range of health events and support. 

Our specialist Pharmacist, Rahul Puri is the official Sports Pharmacist for the club and he works directly with the athletes and coaching staff to support the players.